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MINIMUM ORDER → Opening: $200 | Reorder: $200 ............................. SEPTEMBER SPECIAL→ 5% Off $650 | 10% Off $1,800
MINIMUM ORDER → Opening: $200 | Reorder: $200 ............................. SEPTEMBER SPECIAL → 5% Off $650 | 10% Off $1,800

MILLIE NAVY blu Cotton Embroidered Kurta Tunic

We gave our super popular kurta shape some extra flair by adding beautiful embroidery on the neckline in a contrasting color. Millie Navy is an abstract and playfil print in bold blue with a pop of pink embroidery. Our embroidered tunics are made from our signature blu Cotton, a blend of recycled and virgin cotton. Like our other blu Cotton Kurtas, this top features a split sleeve and an easy-to-wear shape, making it eco-friendly and fabulous!

- 85% recycled cotton, 15% virgin cotton
- embroidered neckline
- side vents
 - split sleeve
- for every garment sold, we donate 5 cents to Ocean Conservancy
- machine wash cold
- min 2

Part of our sustainable blu Collection benefiting Ocean Conservancy. We donate 5 cents for every blu Cotton garment sold. A total of $165,000 has been donated to date (12/2021)